Who We Are

Boldscholar is an online publishing and marketing organization which focuses on creating online global visibility and easy access to Africa's indigenous educational contents, such as books and journals, with the intention of encouraging academic research in Africa. Managed by Boldscholar Research Ltd, the platform is where Content Providers (authors, journal organizations) sign up and upload their contents for online accessibility and visibility to scholars and interested audiences. Boldscholar gives content providers direct control over their works. The platform pays great attention to academic journals. It focuses on aggregating academic journals by giving academic institutions and journal organisations the opportunity to manage their own journal publications by themselves on the webpages created for them on Boldscholar for online visibility and accessibility. Each institution or journal organisation constitutes its own Editorial Board Members who handle the peer-review of its journal, and the constituted editorial board members must be published on its webpage on Boldscholar.

On Boldscholar, Content Providers (journal organizations, authors, publishers and booksellers) have the discretion to fix price for the hardcopies of their works. However, the softcopies will be accessed on subscription bases by scholars who subscribe to Boldscholar at a price decided by Boldscholar Research Limited. And the company shall make remittances to the Content Providers for each page read by subscribers.

Our Partners