1. Sign up as Author for FREE
  2. Check your email to click on a confirmation blue link
  3. Sign in
  4. Fill CIP form
  5. Wait to be contacted via email when your CIP data is ready
  6. Log into Boldscholar and upload your book from your dashboard. Note: Make sure you select the CIP record that matches the eBook you wish to upload, publish, or deposit.
  7. Your eBook has to be in PDF or ePub.
  8. Your book cover has to be in JPG or PNG

Hardcopy books are solely managed by Boldscholar. The hardcopy book, or hardcopy journal must be printed and shipped to buyers by Boldscholar. Kindly contact our team if you wish to sell printed copies of your books, or journals on Boldscholar.

  1. Click on ‘‘Publish your Journal’’ to provide your details, which include your name, institution, department, email, and other information.
  2. Note 1: for now, only Nigerian academic institutional emails and government organizational emails (.edu.ng and .gov.ng) are permitted for journal registration on Boldscholar. By filling and submitting the form, you have made a formal request to host your journal on Boldscholar.
  3. Note 2: while registering your journal, you should select the name of your institution from the list on the table. If you do not find the name of your institution on the table, kindly contact our team to include it on the table. 
  4. Note 3: If the name of your institution is already registered on Boldscholar, kindly contact our team so we can link you up to your school Admin for login details.
  5. Once you have your login details, you should login to your institutional dashboard and click on journals on your dashboard to proceed.  

Simply browse through our journal collections, choose the one that suits your research interest and click on ‘‘Call for Papers’’ to know if the journal has requested for papers. Follow the instructions to submit your papers to the email provided by the journal organisation for article submission.

We will ship the book within 48 hours, and you will receive it within 7 days.

Contact Boldscholar on 08131007386, Monday to Friday, 8:00AM – 5:00PM, or send an email to [email protected], or chat our customer care from your dashboard.

Our royalty sharing formula is as follows:

1Softcopies (digital)₦2.00  (NGN) per page
2Hardcopy books/journals (Print)As negotiated with our team
3Audio contents₦2.00  (NGN) per minute

Based on agreed percentage, no matter how big or little is the accrued sum, Boldscholar shall pay royalties accrued to every Content Provider quarterly, except where Content Provider makes an earlier request for payment.

Yes, when you log in on the website, how much your work has generated is displayed boldly in your wallet on your Dashboard. 

Every refund is within thirty days after the Content Buyer makes his request. User shall receive a refund if he cancels his payment order within two hours. Note: This only applies to hardcopy books alone.

Your book on Boldscholar is highly protected against piracy. Readers only read on the platform. They will not be able to print or download on their device; and they will not be able to share your book with a third party. 

Yes. We have a team of professional editors who will proofread and edit your book, if you want them to do so. Such services come with a fee. Our team can also design covers for your book free of charge if you want a new cover. If you want the editing and proofreading services, kindly send your work to [email protected]

  1. You will enjoy our plagiarism checkers, which include iThenticate from Turnitin and EagleScan from Committee of Vice Chancellors of Nigerian Universities, at no extra cost.
  2. You will have Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for every article you publish. 
  3. Your journal will enjoy good visibility, which will help its Impact Factor 
  4. You will generate more revenue from your journal as a result of access to subscribers. Boldscholar will pay you for each page accessed by readers if your work is accessed on Boldscholar mobile app

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